Brandin Cooks could be in danger of canceling his $18 million guaranteed salary for 2023

New York Jets vs. Houston Texans

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Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks has 18 million reasons to recover from not being traded.

With Cooks missing a few practices and not playing in tonight’s game against the Eagles due to his apparent unhappiness at not being traded, Cooks could be in danger of losing the very thing that made a impossible trade – his fully-guaranteed base salary of $18 million in 2023.

Under his contract, a copy of which PFT obtained, the guaranteed salary for 2023 becomes “NULL AND VOID” if Cooks “defaults” to use specific terms of the contract.

A default occurs if (among other things) the player, without the “prior written consent” of coach Lovie Smith or general manager Nick Caserio, “fails to train or play for the club” for reasons other than a football-related injury or illness.

If, as it appears, Cooks checked out this week due to him not being traded, the Texans could wipe his 2023 guarantee from the books — then cut him.

The cooks were not exchanged because no one wanted to inherit that salary. Now, based on Cooks’ reaction, there may ultimately be no salary to inherit.

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