College Football Playoff Rankings: Georgia takes over at No. 1 as Michigan and TCU climb to top 25

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The second edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings was released Tuesday night with defending national champion Georgia taking the No. 1 spot after their decisive victory over previously ranked No. 1 Tennessee last Saturday. After a dominating start to the 2022 season, the Bulldogs are allowing just 10.8 points per game with double-digit wins in eight of nine games.

But all is not lost for the Volunteers. Slipping into fifth place, Tennessee still has a chance to make the four-team group given the strength of their wins at this point and the best loss in the nation. Reminder: All but one of the teams ranked No. 1 in the first CFP rankings of a season eventually reached the playoffs (Mississippi State, 2014).

The undefeated teams round out the rest of the top four with Ohio State, Michigan and TCU taking the next three spots in order. However, even if the Buckeyes and Wolverines go through the next two weeks unscathed, an undefeated will fall on November 26 when the Big Ten rivals meet. The Horned Frogs finished in the top four for the second time in program history (2014).

Despite a 46-point loss to new No. 1 Georgia in Week 1, Oregon edges out USC and UCLA as the highest-ranked team in the Pac-12, with the league looking to enter the the CFP for the first time since 2016. LSU is notably the highest-ranked two-game losing team at No. 7. The Bayou Bengals have an inside track to meet the Dawgs in the SEC Championship Game, and if LSU wins , it will have a case to become the first two-game losing team to earn a CFP bid.

Playoff stalwarts Alabama and Clemson fell notably after respective losses to LSU and Notre Dame last week. This is the first time in the history of the CFP rankings that no program has been among the top six ranked teams in a top 25.

The Crimson Tide fell three spots to No. 9, effectively knocking them out of the playoffs with two losses, while the Tigers fell six spots to No. 10. Clemson to a loss still has the chance to get back into the field at four teams, however, given a potential meeting with North Carolina in the ACC Championship Game, it could give the late ratings a boost. But he may need help getting there.

Let’s take a look at the entire top 25 of the CFP rankings. Check out balls expert Jerry Palm’s analysis, which will be added below shortly.

College football playoff standings, Nov. 8

  1. Georgia (9-0)
  2. Ohio State (9-0)
  3. Michigan (9-0)
  4. TCU (9-0)
  5. Tennessee (8-1)
  6. Oregon (8-1)
  7. USL (7-2)
  8. USC (8-1)
  9. Alabama (7-2)
  10. Clemson (8-1)
  11. Ole Miss (8-1)
  12. UCLA (8-1)
  13. Utah (7-2)
  14. Penn State (7-2)
  15. North Carolina (8-1)
  16. NC status (7-2)
  17. Tulane (8-1)
  18. Texas (6-3)
  19. Kansas State (6-3)
  20. Our Lady (6-3)
  21. Illinois (7-2)
  22. UCF (7-2)
  23. Florida State (6-3)
  24. Kentucky (6-3)
  25. Washington (7-2)

Analysis by bowl expert Jerry Palm

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