Commission says Anderson Silva good to fight Jake Paul

PHOENIX — Anderson Silva was cleared for a Saturday boxing match against Jake Paul after his comments from an interview nearly upset the fight.

The Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission agreed to let Silva fight at a special meeting Thursday night, after asking the MMA legend to undergo additional medicals a day early.

Commission Chairman Scott Fletcher told the meeting that he attended the Paul-Silva press conference on Thursday and came away impressed with how Silva was able to express himself while responding. to the questions. Fletcher said Silva submitted a “flawless” MRI and was “completely comfortable” letting the former longtime UFC middleweight champion fight.

Dr. Ara Feinstein, a commissioner who is also a surgeon and ringside physician, said he reviewed Silva’s neurological report and MRI and saw no problems there.

“When I look at all of these things together, I have no more concerns with Mr. Silva fighting on Saturday than I would have any other fighter,” Feinstein said.

Silva, 47, told MMA Weekly in an interview taped last month and aired earlier this week that he was knocked out twice during training camp, raising regulatory red flags. Silva’s team sent out a statement this week saying Silva’s first language is not English — he’s from Brazil and his first language is Portuguese — and Silva misspoke.

On Wednesday, Silva told ESPN he was joking in the interview and the commission made him do more medical tests after the commissioners saw the remarks.

“When I talk about the knockout, it’s just to help the [teammates] who help me [lift] them,” Silva said. “I was just joking. It’s crazy, but it’s okay.”

Paul said after Thursday’s press conference that he had “no worries” about how the meeting would go and was confident he would fight Silva on Saturday.

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