Dan Orlovsky doesn’t rule out joining Jeff on Saturday in Indianapolis

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts

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ESPN’s Dan Orlovksy worked, until Monday, with Colts interim head coach Jeff on Saturday. Orlovsky could soon work with Saturday again, perhaps.

Featured in Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick ShowOrlovsky hasn’t ruled out joining Saturday’s coaching staff at Indianapolis.

In his first remarks on the subject, it became clear that Monday’s horseshoe surprise was no thunderbolt.

“My first thought was ‘wow,’ then – I work with Jeff two days a week and I’m constantly in conversation with him, and my brain went back to all the conversations he and I had over the last, like , six weeks,” Orlovsky said. “And right now I haven’t put two and two together. But as yesterday went down, I was like, ‘Oh, now everything makes sense.’ You know, we had these very detailed conversations about what was going on in the NFL and, you know, the teams that were doing it right, the teams that weren’t doing it right. Schema, philosophy, identity, coaching, all that. And, you know, when the news broke, it made a lot more sense why and how we were having these conversations.

Orlovsky, who played for the Colts in 2011, was asked if Saturday offered the former NFL quarterback a job as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

“Not directly, no,” Orlovsky said.

Dan Patrick then asked Dan Orlovsky what that meant.

“Jeff and I had conversations about coaching,” Orlovsky said. “We had some really good in-depth conversations about what coaching looks like. Who are the good ones, who are the bad ones. My level of interest in it. Where I am in the present moment. That’s when I look back and say, “Aha.” You know, I think he was gathering some kind of feel and information without revealing some of the stuff that was going on behind the scenes.

Orlovsky added that he and Saturday exchanged texts on Monday, that they decided to “contact later” and that Saturday “didn’t offer me anything directly, no.”

Dan Patrick then asked if Orlovsky would lobby for a position on Saturday’s squad.

“No, I will not lobby,” Orlovsky said. “I was pretty clear with Jeff, I want to be a coach one day. That interests me a lot. Frankly, as the days go by, we are more and more interested in it. I miss this part of football.

Maybe he won’t miss it for long.

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