EXCL: Report criticized for labeling women as ‘people giving birth’

A US government-funded report on prisons has come under fire after replacing the term ‘women’ with ‘people giving birth’ and ‘birthing parent’.

Experts told DailyMail.com it was yet another sign of ‘progressive jargon’ creeping into major medical literature and health advice.

The study looked at how pregnant women in women’s prisons are treated and was partly funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

But curiously, a summary of the research published on the NIH website does not use the words “female”, “female” or “female”.

Instead, gender-neutral terms such as “people who give birth”, “parent who gives birth”, “people who want to give milk”, “people who give birth” and “people in prison”.

The term “breast feeding” is also used once in the article.

Stella O’Malley, executive director of advocacy group Genspect, told DailyMail.com: “Exaggerated and elaborate efforts to be inclusive for some groups often end up excluding other groups.”

‘The [National Institutes of Health] should go back to plain and simple language if they want to help as many people as possible.

“People who are not fluent in English will not be able to understand this report, which in itself is an exclusion.”

It comes after DailyMail.com revealed that ‘women’ had been eliminated from official flu advice.

The report uses phrases such as “people giving birth”, “people giving birth” and other references to “people” rather than “women” throughout the report.

Some have accused medical institutions of confusing people and erasing women by using gender-neutral terms when discussing pregnancy or menstruation (file photo)

Some have accused medical institutions of confusing people and erasing women by using gender-neutral terms when discussing pregnancy or menstruation (file photo)

The report is titled “Lactation Support for Incarcerated People: A Systematic Review,” published in Breastfeeding Medicine.

It was a meta-analysis of 20 existing studies on the subject, and was carried out by experts from the University of North Carolina (UNC).

The report was led by Dr. Kathryn Wouk, adjunct professor of maternal and child health at UNC Gillings School of Public Health.

DailyMail.com has approached Dr Wouk for comment.

Will US health organizations wake up?

Major US research institutions and public health agencies have come under fire in recent weeks for using “woke” language that “erases” women.

In September, the CDC came under fire after it revealed the agency had removed references to women in its guidance on monkeypox.

An online information page now uses neutral ‘pregnant people’ instead when discussing the virus for pregnant women.

The American Nurses Association came under fire last month for calling for restrictions on surgery for trans youth to be lifted.

A Heritage Foundation expert called the situation a “grotesque politicization” of care.

Last week, the CDC came under fire for replacing “pregnant women” with “pregnant people” on its flu vaccine guidelines information page.

Now UNC is under fire for calling women “pregnant people” in a new report.

There are hundreds of references to women throughout the 35-page report and dozens of gender-neutral terms, which experts say confuse matters even further.

Ms O’Malley said: ‘Women are bound by our biology, and pregnancy and breastfeeding are inherently female experiences.

“If a person who has undergone a medical transition becomes pregnant, it means that she is fully aware of the reality of being a woman and that she does not need complicated language to circumvent the fact that she is a woman.”

Patrick Brown of the Center for Ethics and Public Policy told DailyMail.com: ‘This report is another example of progressive jargon trying to obscure reality.

“The use of artificial and off-putting language like ‘the person giving birth’ or ‘people who want to provide milk’ erases women’s specific health care needs regarding childbirth and breastfeeding.

“The shoehorn has reawakened identity politics into worthwhile initiatives, such as providing breastfeeding support for incarcerated women, does nothing to help mothers and babies, and instead turns the subject into culture war football against -productive.”

Dr Mahri Irvine, executive director of the Women’s Liberation Front, told DailyMail.com: ‘Women are the only people who can get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed babies; women face unique physiological and psychological issues related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Erasing the fundamental biological realities of motherhood is a sign of extreme disrespect to women everywhere. Women are not ‘people who give birth’ – they are women.’

She also asks, “Why does the NIH seem so intent on obscuring the basic fact that only women give birth and only women experience nursing challenges?

This is not the first time that major public health institutions in the United States have been criticized for obliterating women in favor of gender-neutral language.

On Monday, DailyMail.com revealed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had removed the word “women” from its flu vaccine guidelines.

An analysis found a dozen changes to the CDC’s flu guidelines in August, removing all phrases like “pregnant women” and replacing them with “pregnant people.”

The CDC was criticized, with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) saying there was “no logical scientific reason”, saying it was “clearly a political decision”.

In September, DailyMail.com revealed that the agency used the phrase “pregnant people” in its advice for monkeypox.

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