Aaron Judge grimly shy about his Yankees All-Star future

Aaron Judge raised more questions than answers as he answered a survey about his murky future with the Yankees.

Hours before taking the field at the 2022 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, Judge was pressed in an on-court interview by ESPN’s Marly Rivera about his time remaining in New York and an impending tough decision in free agency. Rivera shared the story of a young fan named Jacob, who asked her, “Are you telling me Aaron Judge might not be a Yankee after this year?” She then asked the star outfielder what he would say to the boy.

The judge did little to allay little Jacob’s concerns.

“Jacob, buddy, we got a lot of great Yankees on this team, you know, there’s a lot of great Yankees [that will] be here for a long time, so don’t be upset,” Judge said.

Moments later, the 30-year-old posted an ominous prediction of his impending result.

“I hope you’ll be a lifelong Judge fan.”

The judge’s stumbling dance around the question comes amid the superstar’s best season of his career — the batting outfielder currently boasts an MLB-record 33 homers and a .284/.364/.618 slash. His MVP-caliber first half looks even better when he steps back in time to several months ago when Judge bet big on himself, rejecting the Yankees’ $213.5 million seven-year extension offer. in April.

For now, Judge remains a Yankee and is an integral part of the team’s championship hunt. As for Jacob and many other Yankees fans, it looks like they’ll have to endure another sleepless night of uncertainty.

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