Adorable toddler enters daycare alone for the first time

This TikTok parent has shared the moment his toddler walked into daycare on his own for the first time and it’s so adorable!

Sarah DiMuccio (@sarahdimuccio) is a TikToker and mom who shares sweet videos about everything from how she met her husband to life with her adorable toddler, Nora. In a recent video, Sarah shared some sweet footage of Nora hitting a major milestone—entering daycare on her own for the very first time!

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The adorable video begins with a shot from outside Nora’s daycare. Sarah’s husband stands in the doorway wearing a puffy black puffer jacket. He bends down to stabilize Nora, who is wearing blue jeans and a backpack almost as big as her. A caption reads: “My baby girl is walking into daycare on her own for the first time.”

The song “Bundle of Joy” from the Pixar movie Upside down plays as Sarah’s husband gently lets go of Nora. Immediately, the toddler begins to toddle around the nursery. His pigtails swaying, the toddler walks confidently, if someone wobbles, through the building.

Inside, Nora’s teachers line up, waiting for the toddler to enter the building. They wave and clap as Nora approaches them. As Nora gets closer, several teachers start dancing. They seem even more excited than the toddler!

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When Nora reaches the threshold inside the building, one of Nora’s teachers leans over and reaches out for the toddler. Nora speeds up and rushes into the Professor’s outstretched arms, giving him a big hug.

The video ends with applause from Nora’s teachers as the daycare doors begin to close.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler’s stroll through daycare!

“The way the caregivers encouraged him!” a viewer wrote.

” His backpack ! She is so cute i [might] cry,” another TikToker commented.

“I work in a daycare and seeing this makes me so happy,” wrote an educator.

While Nora may not remember her first start at daycare in a few years, her parents will definitely treasure that memory for years to come!

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