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“Baseball is a game for fathers and sons,” someone once said.

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw learned it again tonight when he stood up to leave his All-Star Game press conference and was told by a member of the media, “Clayton, I think there’s a kid trying to ask you [something].”

“Oh, man, sorry,” Kershaw said as 10-year-old Blake Grice approached him. ” What do you have ? »

Grice, who according to Fox11’s Géraud Moncuré, entered the press conference because he “has a media Instagram”, approached the Dodgers legend and told him a story about his grandfather, Graham, who died of brain cancer seven years ago.

In front of the assembled media, Grice told Kershaw that when his grandfather was ill, he made a to-do list with his two grandchildren of everything they were going to do together once he won. cancer: going to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, meeting Vin Scully.

This also included meeting Kershaw. But a week after writing the list, Graham passed away. Since then, Grice told Kershaw, her family has tried to make everything on the list.

“My grandfather loved you,” Blake told Kershaw, fighting back tears. “He watched the 1988 [World] Series and he wanted to meet you and Vin Scully someday. So this moment is important for me because I meet you for him.

At that point, Kershaw – who has four children, including three boys – came out from behind the podium and said, “Come here man, nice to meet you,” hugging Grice. “Thank you for telling me. It took a lot of courage to tell me that. Nice to meet you. Your grandpa sounded like a great guy. Thanks for coming.

After talking for a bit and taking a photo, Grice gave Kershaw a big hug, then ran to his dad, who was waiting for him at the back of the room.

Watch it below.

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