49ers granted Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek trade – in March


The last weeks Washington Post Adam Schefter’s profile has given the football world some insight into the sausage-making process when it comes to NFL scoops. On Wednesday, Schefter showed us a finished sausage.

Schefter tweeted on Wednesday, July 20: “49ers officially given Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents Don Yee and Carter Chow have permission to seek a trade, sources said.

Wrote Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area on March 28: “The 49ers have granted Garoppolo and his representation permission to seek a trade, [G.M. John] said Lynch.

So today’s news is essentially a reiteration of something the team previously leaked. Almost four months ago.

So what’s going on here? This is, in my opinion, another example of the exchange of favors that Schefter engages in to ensure that he is front of the line for all the scoops. By broadcasting to his 9.6 million followers old news presented as new news, with the names of not one but two agents expressly added to the ensuing social media bulletin board, Schefter gave Yee and Chow not only free publicity, but also an attempt to resuscitate a commercial market that has been, until now, catatonic.

Schefter’s report/favor was surely triggered by Tuesday’s explanation from NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport that Garoppolo should be erased entirely in mid-August, coupled with our explanation that this timeline screws both the 49ers and Garoppolo. Schefter added to his tweet: “Garoppolo has been cleared to start training, according to team source; The 49ers should still be cautious with him this summer.

There is a difference between being licensed to practice and being fully licensed. Apparently, Yee and Chow wanted to make it clear to everyone through Schefter’s platform that Garoppolo is available in a trade now, not later.

But he was available. And no one made a room for him.

So well. Garoppolo is cleared for training and he is available now. Good luck with that. The Browns got a fifth-round pick from the Panthers for Baker Mayfield, who gets just $5 million from his new team. How can the 49ers expect anything more for Garoppolo, short of a monster Teddy Bridgewater-type injury?

Either way, Schefter did his part. He dusted off some old news in a last-ditch effort to goose a potentially non-existent trade market for Garoppolo. Whenever Garoppolo makes his next move (and/or when Yee or Chow have news about their other clients), you won’t need five guesses to figure out who’s tweeting it about five minutes before it’s otherwise announced. .

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