Microsoft blames storage error for Teams outage • The Register

Updated Microsoft’s Teams collaboration environment is experiencing an outage, depriving an unknown number of people of the ability to enjoy video and/or audio conferences, or access documents.

Microsoft acknowledged the issue at 01:47 UTC on July 21 and offered the following update approximately 75 minutes later:

The outage appears to be global, but Microsoft may be a bit lucky that the incident happened as the working day was nearly over in the US and in the dark of European night. Most of the reaction The register can find therefore comes from the Asia-Pacific region, where businesses such as an Australian horse racing organization have been disrupted.

Others have wryly observed that the outage will allow workers some unplanned but welcome downtime.

Some seek to profit from the incident.

The register I would like to take this opportunity to wish readers the best during this difficult time and to remind them that old devices called “telephones” still exist and can quite easily arrange at least three-way calls. Those who frequent offices may also consider “walking” to a “meeting room” – a facility established for the express purpose of allowing teams of people to interact. ®

Updated 04:00 UTC, June 21 Microsoft said issues with Teams had taken down other services as well.

Among the services disrupted by the outage is the admin center, where Microsoft offers outage information. The software giant therefore recommended visiting for updates.

At the time of writing, this page states: “The Teams desktop app can connect successfully, although all functionality may be unavailable, and users may see the following message: ‘We encountered a problem. Reconnecting…” Users using the web client may see a message stating ‘The operation failed with an unexpected error’.”

Microsoft’s latest update states “We have taken steps to redirect some traffic to provide environmental relief. We anticipate that some users will soon be able to access the affected features.”

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