NBA fines Warriors owner Joe Lacob $500,000

The NBA has a fine Warriors owner Joe Lacob $500,000 for violating league policy regarding public labor negotiations, which are currently underway between the league and the Players Association, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Lacob described the NBA’s luxury tax system as “very unfair” last week on the Point Forward podcast hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turnerby Wojnarowski.

The hardest thing of all is navigating this luxury tax, unfortunately. I returned to New York this week for union meetings. I’m on the committee. And you know obviously the league wants everybody to have a chance and right now there’s a certain element there that believes we’ll “win on the checkbook…” We won because we have the most salaries in our team.

The truth is, we’re only $40 million more than the luxury tax. Now, that’s not small but it’s not a huge number. We’re over $200 million in total because most of that is due to this incredible criminal luxury tax. And what I consider to be unfair and I’m going to say it on this podcast and hope it comes back to whoever is listening. Obviously it’s selfish for me to say that, but I think it’s a very unfair system because our team is built by… the top eight players are all drafted by this team..”

Lacob was referring to the “repeat” luxury tax penalties given to teams, like the Warriors, who have been taxpayers in three of the previous four seasons. Golden State was hit with a record luxury tax payment of $170,331,194 last season – nearly beating the previous league-wide record for total luxury tax payments, which was $173.3 million in 2002/03. All seven tax-paying teams in 21/22 broke that record with a staggering combined total of $481,021,386.

The Warriors are expected to have a luxury tax bill of $181.3 million in 22/23, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, who tweet that the bill could swell to more than 200 million dollars in 23/24 if the team gives Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole expansions.

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