Ben Affleck “gasped” as Jennifer Lopez walked down the aisle

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas wedding at A Little White Chapel was full of “laughs, smiles and tears”, according to the minister who married them.

Ryan Wolfe exclusively told Page Six in a new interview that Affleck, 49, “gasped” as Lopez, 52, strutted down the aisle – “like only Jennifer Lopez can” – to “Here Comes the Flange”.

“He watched her walk down the aisle and you could tell he was like, ‘Wow, woah,'” Wolfe explained. “He let out a small sigh. You could tell he was definitely right in the moment.

Wolfe – who ‘truly believes’ that Affleck and Lopez are ‘soulmates’ – added that he could ‘absolutely tell their love is real’ and genuine based on how they acted around each other. the other during the intimate ceremony.

Recalling how it all started, Wolfe told Page Six that it felt like a normal Saturday night at his job. Then, suddenly, the A-list couple pulled up to the scene in a black SUV around 9 p.m. to ask Grace Christian Center senior pastor and coordinator Kenosha Portis if they “had time. for one more marriage. .

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
Lopez legally changed her name to “Jennifer Affleck” after the nuptials.

“Jennifer wore a white dress. She looked beautiful and gorgeous, as always. And Ben looked beautiful and smooth, as he always does,” Wolfe said, adding that the actor kept things casual as he arrived in “jeans and white t-shirt”.

Wolfe told us he had a little chat with Affleck while directing him to the men’s bathroom to change as the ‘Argo’ actor insisted he ‘didn’t need anything extraordinary”. While Affleck was quick to slip into his tuxedo, his leading lady took a little longer to change out of her vintage white dress and into a Zuhair Murad dress.

“They came back through the doors and they just have a presence about them. You know they’re someone,” Wolfe said as the stars entered the chapel.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Wolfe says they opened the lobby doors in the chapel to widen the aisle for the “always gorgeous” Lopez.

The couple insisted they didn’t want ‘anything fancy’ and only asked that they take their own vows and add ‘a bit of God’ to the ceremony.

“Their vows were beautiful, they were special. And I know they were very important to them. You could tell it was something between them that they wanted to share with each other,” the pastor said. “It was a really special, emotional ceremony and moment that they shared. And their kids were absolutely in it.

The only other people in the room aside from the couple, Wolfe and Portis, were Lopez’s 14-year-old daughter Emme and Affleck’s 13-year-old daughter Seraphina, who acted as the only photographers of the event. Even though the wedding was small, Wolfe says the two kids brought all the excitement.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
According to the minister, Affleck put down his phone to record the ceremony.
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“You can tell Jennifer’s kid and Ben’s kid definitely have a good relationship. They’re close,” Wolfe said, adding that after announcing Lopez and Affleck as husband and wife, the two teenagers broke up. of “excitement” and hugged.

Once Bennifer 2.0 said their “yes,” the couple sealed the deal with a kiss meant for the movies. The altar kiss wasn’t “too long” but “very, very special”, with Wolfe joking that he needed to “take notes from Ben”.

After their nuptials, Wolfe transitioned from minister to photographer as he helped the happy couple take pictures in Elvis’ pink Cadillac and through the tunnel of love behind the wheel.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Wolfe says the couple were “laid back and laid back, but extremely nice people.”
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Throughout his career in ministry, the pastor estimates he has officiated over 10,000 weddings and can ‘smell’ when a couple will pull through. Apparently, the mood was on in A Little White’s chapel that night, as he’s sure ‘it’s all about them’.

But Wolfe isn’t the only one betting money on newlyweds. According to “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin, Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, “always said that Ben was his [Jennifer’s] true love.”

The two stars rekindled their romance last year after the ‘Marry Me’ actress ended her four-year relationship with former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. A year after the couple started dating, the actor popped the question for the second time with a huge green sparkler.

The couple were previously engaged in 2002. They postponed their 2003 wedding after it attracted too much media attention and eventually split before getting back together in 2021. After the difficulty of trying to plan their first marriage, sources told Page Six that the couple would elope and celebrate with friends and family afterwards.

Jennifer Lopez
The singer looked smitten the next morning as she lay in bed showing off her ring and new wedding band.

While the couple enjoyed an intimate ceremony in Sin City, the newlyweds are planning a much bigger “multi-day party” on Affleck’s 87-acre property in Riceboro, Georgia. The big event will double as a birthday party for Jennifer, who will turn 53. July 24.

Lopez confirmed her marriage to Affleck in the July 17 edition of her “On The JLo” newsletter, saying it was “exactly what we wanted.”

“We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years of patient,” she exclaimed.

“Stay long enough and you might find the best time of your life at a 12:30 a.m. Las Vegas drive-thru in the Tunnel of Love, with your kids and whoever you spend an eternity with. Love is a great thing, perhaps the greatest thing – and worth the wait.

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