Henry Cavill NOT Appearing at SDCC for Alleged Superman Announcement

Despite rumors that he would appear in Hall H to announce his return as Superman, Henry Cavill was absent during WB’s SDCC panel.

Henry Cavill didn’t make a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con to announce the return of his Superman as previously stated by reports that he may return to Hall H. Cavill debuted as the Last Son of Krypton in the Zack Snyder-directed film. Steel man in 2013, kicking off the DCEU proper. While reception to this film was initially frosty, love for Cavill’s iteration of the character has only grown in the years since.

The DCEU has encountered many speed bumps in the year since Steel manand Cavill himself only made three appearances – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice Leagueand Zack Snyder’s Justice League. This latest film was supposed to close the door to the so-called SnyderVerse, but many have called for Cavill’s return to the DCEU. Whether or not this serves as a sequel to Snyder’s story for the character, it’s clear that audiences want to see Cavill return to what has become a defining role for the actor’s career. Just days before the SDCC kicked off, rumors began circulating that Cavill would be making an appearance in Hall H to announce the return of his Clark Kent.


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Unfortunately, that won’t happen yet. During Warner Bros. panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, the actor didn’t make an appearance, contrary to rumors. Instead, Warner Bros. chose to focus on its highly anticipated 2022 slate, showing the first Shazam 2 trailer and a new look at Dwayne Johnson black adam.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League

In a long line of missteps, the lack of movement on a new Superman movie is one of the most confusing. While there are several projects in development centered around different versions of the Kryptonian, it’s been almost 10 years since Superman had his own solo project. The DCEU has continued to flesh out other members of the Justice League, but WB has remained mum on their plans for Cavill’s character. This led many to call for Cavill’s return to the role of man of steel 2but nothing has come of it yet.

Not only is Superman one of DC’s main heroes, but Cavill’s take on the character has slowly been met with enthusiasm from fans and critics alike. More than anything, it would make sense for DC to bring it back as it could potentially bridge the gap between the now concluded SnyderVerse and everything the studio has planned for the future. Right now, though, they seemed focused on introducing a roster of new characters (or bringing back even older characters like Michael Keaton’s Batman). While it’s understandable that Cavill couldn’t make it to the SDCC (he’s reportedly filming the witcher season 3 in the UK right now), it’s another blow for a studio trying to move forward despite its tumultuous past.

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