The 3 signs of the zodiac with the best horoscopes for Saturday July 23, 2022

The asteroid Ceres enters Leo today, urging you to slow down and reconnect with this sacred space in your heart.

Ceres in astrology governs the feminine, motherhood, care, education and self-love.

It reminds you to take care of yourself first.

Don’t push or force yourself to do anything. Don’t wear yourself out thinking you have to do it all; Instead, accept the invitation to slow down.

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Ceres in Leo is full of passion, but your heart consciousness also becomes clearer.

It gives the feeling that the homecoming has happened and that you are now allowing yourself to take care of your own heart as it has always needed.

Doing this slows down your routine and your mind today so that you can invite the benevolent nature of Ceres into your life.

You will also be able to care for others more deeply today through loving touch, meal preparation, or even offering them quality time.

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It is not the thought of draining the energy that you pour out into everyone around you to the detriment of yourself, but rather, you take time and fill yourself in the most loving way in order to to overflow into the hearts of those around you. .

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