Chris Jericho Shares His Thoughts On Vince McMahon Retiring From WWE And If It Could Affect AEW

The professional wrestling world took the hit of a mental Judas effect in the days leading up to SummerSlam 2022, as longtime WWE head Vince McMahon announced he was stepping down as CEO. The decision came as the 76-year-old is investigated for allegedly paying silent money to resolve past misconduct complaints from former employees, although retirement is not directly related. Chris Jericho, who worked under Vince McMahon for nearly two decades, spoke with CinemaBlend about his post-WWE success with AEWbut weighed in on McMahon’s resignation after so many years.

Jericho, who recently appeared as a guest star in Inconvenient Wildcards, sat down with CinemaBlend at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where he shared why he thinks Vince McMahon is probably a good idea overall. In his words:

The thing is, for me, I haven’t worked in WWE since 2017. And I worked there for almost 20 years. I’ve always enjoyed working with Vince. I learned a lot from him. And, you know, he had a great run. And then stepping back is, you know, probably for the best for him, even from a physical standpoint, because he conducts himself so ragged because of the workload he has.

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