NFL makes Guardian Caps mandatory for many positions in Game 2 of preseason

NFL: July 27 Chicago Bears Training Camp

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They debuted in recent years as curiosities in the offseason program. Now, Guardian caps worn on helmets will be seen in training throughout the first month of training camp and pre-season.

According to the NFL, teams passed a resolution in March requiring the use of Guardian Caps in Game 2 of the preseason. The oversized outer layer of padding should be worn by all offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers and tight ends.

“Pre-season is the part of the season with the greatest concentration of helmet impacts,” the league explained in a statement to PFT. “Wearing the Guardian Cap results in at least a 10% reduction in impact severity if one player wears it, and at least a 20% impact reduction if two colliding players wear it. This is, of course, just one element of our larger efforts to reduce avoidable head impacts through better helmets, improved techniques and training programs.

The company that makes the Guardian Cap was one of the winners of the NFL’s first series of HeadHealthTECH Innovation Challenges in 2017. The league designed the competition to spur the development of better safety gear for players.

Certain types of contact are inherent in the game of football. Other types can be avoided. The Guardian Cap helps minimize the impact of contact.

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