Prince William’s alleged affair is back to top Twitter news amid ‘salacious’ report into royal sex life

Rumors about Prince William’s alleged affair made the news (again!) on Thursday as a post from Deuxmoi got everyone talking. It’s important to remember in all of this gossip that the Instagram account features unverified stories, so take what you’re about to read with a grain of salt.

Twomoi’s anonymous submission shares a ‘salacious’ story about a ‘British royal’s extramarital affair’ which they say is an ‘open secret in London and among English aristocrats’. The insider continued: “At a recent media night, I was told the real reason for the affair was the royal’s love of anchoring, which the woman is too old-fashioned to engage in. .” (Read HERE for a definition of anchoring.) They go on to say that “the woman doesn’t care about her [the affair partner] and actually prefers her husband to satisfy his sexual needs elsewhere, as long as they don’t get emotional, which was the case with the last wife. the Cambridges and their reported marital strife after the rumored affair between William and Rose Hanbury.

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Of course, this juicy tale only sparked Twitter, which had “#PrinceWilliamAffair” and “#PrinceofPegging” trending all day globally. It also gave the fanbases (Team Cambridge vs. Team Sussex) fuel to weigh in on the somewhat shocking story. A Sussex Squad fan got deep into the family feud and wrote, “I don’t care if Prince William indulges in extramarital affairs. I don’t care if he likes a bit of pegging. I do care though that he and his wife used Meghan as a distraction from their lives. On the other side, a Cambridge family supporter thinks it’s an incitement to distract from all the recent headlines of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to add#princewilliamaffair & Pegging Trending Today is a coordinated smear campaign against Prince William after he insulted his brother who got him, to clear the eyes of the news that he made the taxpayers pay his court. I know William is a very cool person, many envy Kate. #PrinceWilliamIsAKing.

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However, it was comedian Richard Jeter who might have won the Twitter war with his hilarious comment, “Man, the next season of The Windsors is going to be on, and The Crown is going to have to time an NC-17 series.” We may never know the truth about Prince William’s alleged extracurricular activities, but it proves the Royal Family are less protected than they think – UK media might look the other way, but social media is changing the game public relations for everyone.

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Kate MiddletonPrince William

Kate MiddletonPrince William

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