Mega data leak: how to effortlessly get your $90 with Desjardins

Starting October 18, all Desjardins members and clients affected by the 2019 personal data breach can submit a claim online and easily receive $90 in compensation.

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“There is still $200 million available to the group,” recalls Jérémie Longpré, a lawyer at Kugler Kandestin, one of the firms that launched the class action against Desjardins.

The lawyer wants to encourage many affected people to demand compensation.

“The claims portal is very well designed and very simple. It’s really worth it because it only takes a few minutes to claim and apply,” he says.

As of July, people who received a notice from Desjardins could apply. But since October 18, everyone affected by the incident can apply for compensation directly online. Please note that more than 9 million Desjardins members or clients were affected by the personal data breach.

pay $200 million

The banking cooperative agreed in an out-of-court settlement approved by the Quebec Superior Court in June to pay more than $200 million in compensation to its customers and members.

Claimants can claim up to $90 for lost time. No documentation required. They can apply until April 20, 2023. Members will be paid by July 19, 2023, according to the Desjardins Regulation website.

In the case of identity theft, compensation of up to $1,000 may also be sought. In this particular case, documents proving the situation are required and the claim period runs until October 2025.

Members also have access to Equifax’s monitoring service at Desjardins’ expense for five years. They can apply until October 20, 2023.

News tested the Desjardins Settlement website: a few pieces of information and five minutes are enough to claim $90 in compensation.

Two clicks and we are in the compensation form. After filling in basic personal data – name, surname, address, email and phone number – you will be offered options for complaints. You can get up to $90 for wasting time without providing proof, or $1,000 for identity theft, this time with proof.

DM desjardins-01

By selecting the “waste of time” option, the claimant is entitled to $18 per lost hour, up to a maximum of $90. Getting the maximum amount is quite easy. We add various actions already predefined from the drop-down list: register with Equifax, search for information, etc. Add a short description and time allocated to the task. It’s done.

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By selecting the “Identity Theft” option, the portal will clearly explain the cases for which an online complaint is accepted. Here, in order to receive $1000, additional details will need to be provided: date of identity theft, description and supporting documents. But if that’s the case for you, the process remains quick and easy.

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The operation ends by choosing the method of receiving payment: check or Interac transfer. The process was completed smoothly within minutes. A telephone line is available if needed. An email and a confirmation number are sent for follow-up.

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