NFL Week 2 Ratings: Browns get ‘D’ after late meltdown against Jets, Cowboys get ‘A-‘ for upset win over Bengals

There’s a reason Cleveland was once known as the “Sorrow Factory.” The Browns arguably have more unlikely losses than any other team in NFL history and they added another to their heartbreaking tally on Sunday by giving the New York Jets a 30-17 lead in just 85 seconds.

With 1:55 left on Sunday, Nick Chubb scored a touchdown to put the Browns up 30-17 and it looked like Cleveland was going to take the win, but when you’re talking about the Browns, there’s no such thing as in coast to victory.

In a stunning turn of events, the Jets scored two touchdowns just 60 seconds apart to steal a 31-30 victory. If you’re wondering how unlikely the loss was, here’s your answer.

For the most part, the Browns played an impressive game, but they couldn’t overcome SIX monumental errors, all of which came in the final two minutes.

The biggest came from Chubb, who could have sealed the victory if he had simply fallen to the ground instead of scoring a TD with 1:55 left. Had he done that, the game would have been over as the run gave Cleveland a first down and the Jets had no more timeouts.

We’ve seen running backs come down to the 1-yard line before, but Chubb didn’t do that here. Even if he was out of bounds, the Browns could have just kneed the ball three times in a row for the win.

Chubb’s gaffe wasn’t the only big mistake the Browns made. Last week’s hero for the Browns, Cade York, was definitely not this week’s hero. The Browns would have had 31 points at the end of the game, but York missed the extra point on Chubb’s touchdown. The missed kick left the Browns ahead by just 13 points, which opened the door for the Jets to comeback.

York and Chubb’s mistakes wouldn’t have mattered if the Browns defense hadn’t allowed a long touchdown, which brings us to mistake number three: The Browns somehow left Corey Davis wide open. for a 66-yard touchdown.

(To note: Ignore the NFL info in the tweet, it was 66 yards, not 76.)

Even after Joe Flacco hit Davis for the score with 1:22 left to cut Cleveland’s lead to 30-24, the Browns could still have clinched the win by recovering the Jets’ kick, but instead , we got the fourth error. On the Jets’ inbounds kick, the ball bounced off the hands of Amari Cooper and into the hands of New York’s Justin Hardee.

Nine plays after the recovery, the Jets scored the touchdown with a 15-yard pass from Flacco to Garrett Wilson (giving up the TD was the fifth error).

Even after falling behind, the Browns STILL had a chance to win. With six seconds left, the Browns were at 46 and they need about eight to 10 yards to give York a realistic field goal chance. However, York never had a chance to win the game because Jacoby Brissett threw an interception for the sixth error.

It was a total meltdown in a game the Browns didn’t have to lose. Their “F-” performance in the final two minutes completely overshadowed the fact that they actually played very good football for most of three quarters.

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