Packers vs Bears score takeaway: Aaron Jones goes wild as Green Bay cruises past Bears at Lambeau Field

It wasn’t a perfect game for the Packers, but Sunday night’s primetime game with the Bears was a marked improvement over Week 1 for Green Bay. Not only was Aaron Rodgers more productive distributing the ball to his makeshift receiving corps, but Matt LaFleur managed to unlock his dynamic backfield duo, with Aaron Jones in particular as the centerpiece of the green attack and yellow. Despite a few fumbles, the Packers exited Week 2 with a victory firmly in hand, passing Justin Fields and the Bears with a 27-10 decision that puts them within .500 in the NFC North.

Here are some instant takeaways from “Sunday Night Football”:

Why the Packers won

Unable to consistently push the ball down due to a lack of elite weaponry, Green Bay instead wisely pivoted to a balanced attack with Jones as the focal point. The double threat came to fruition, turning average plays into elusive gains on almost every shot, to the tune of 170 yards from scrimmage. Rodgers played his quieter role well, mostly firing fast strikes from close range, with Randall Cobb in particular stepping up key downs. Sammy Watkins also emerged, notably with a fourth-quarter deep shot that nearly froze the win. The offense had its slips, inviting the Bears’ momentum with a few fumbled snaps/transfers, but still felt in control after its first touchdown.

Defensively, the Packers didn’t necessarily impress with splashy plays early on, and they struggled mightily to contain David Montgomery as the game wore on. They also never allowed Justin Fields to set up as a passer, daring the conservative Bears to let their young QB uncork him. Preston Smith headlined this group, stepping off the edge. Jaire Alexander, meanwhile, raced across the entire pitch to take out Fields in the dying minutes and put an arc in the game.

Why the Bears lost

They used all their juice on the first ride. Matt Eberflus’ defense kept just enough pressure on Rodgers to give Chicago a chance; even a 24-7 deficit didn’t seal their demise due to a timely forced fumble, as well as three first sacks on A-Rod. But Fields’ unit stalled after a confident start, averaging just 4 yards per pass attempt in the fourth quarter. The Bears’ heavy reliance on the ground game was also bittersweet, as Fields, Khalil Herbert and a fresher-than-ever Montgomery (over 130 total yards) all snatched important runs, but never put up. accompanying air attack. Fields, in fact, didn’t make double-digit passing attempts until the final two minutes, which may or may not be an indictment of the Bears’ confidence in him (or lack thereof). Their decision-making also left a bit to be desired, as evidenced by their failure to shoot the Shotgun QB’s fourth draw with a chance to make it a one-score game in the fourth.


You could point to one of Rodgers’ third darts at Cobb, or Jones’ second TD of the night, a sweeping “catch” that put Green Bay up 10 in the first half. But the Packers’ goal line stands on a fourth Shotgun tie by Fields, with eight minutes left and the Bears threatening to make it a one-score game, but all but sealed the deal for Green Bay. Fields gave it his all on the play, and the one before, in which he nearly rushed for a TD while stretching to the pylon. And the replay may have indicated that Fields had in fact crossed the goal line. Alas, the trick kept the ball — and the game — in the hands of the Packers.

Game of the game

It wasn’t a Dolphins-Ravens-style big-play frenzy, but more of a grunt special, which is why Rodgers’ rollout late in the second quarter to hit Cobb for a first down was so impressive. Not only did it show Rodgers still had enough in his legs to get up and out of the pocket, but it helped extend Green Bay’s lead before halftime and put them up 24-7 heading into the break. .

And after

The Packers (1-1) will hit the road for a matchup with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers (2-0), who beat the Saints on Sunday and, previously, Green Bay in the 2020 NFC Championship. The Bears (1-1) , meanwhile, will return home to host the Texans (0-1-1), who were edged out by the Broncos in Week 2.

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