The 3 zodiac signs with raw horoscopes September 19, 2022

It’s probably a better idea to think of this day not as being “rough” per se, but as one that tests our patience.

We feel good that day, but what makes it “difficult” is the idea that it’s not because we feel good about something in our lives or the way people things happen that we are necessarily on the path to success.

Our tricky transit for the day is Moon sextile Uranus, and because of that, we’re forgetting something important, and in doing so, we end up getting ourselves into trouble.

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So say, for example, we put ourselves in the mind that we know what someone wants and because we believe we are the ultimate authority on what that person wants and needs, we move forward with the intention to give Him what we believe to be what They want.

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During the sextile of the Moon Uranus, we are wrong; what we think is not true. What they want has nothing to do with what we believe they want, and in the long run the only real thing we get today is knowing that we’re so out of place that we probably should remain silent for the rest of the day.

September 19 will bring us with a lot of good intentions gone wrong. What we don’t notice today is that our opinion is actually NOT necessary.

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