Zack Estrin dead at 51

Prolific television producer, Zack Estrine who recently rebooted the 60s sci-fi show lost in space for Netflix, died at the age of fifty-one. Estrin’s sudden death sent shockwaves through Hollywood, as the ace producer and screenwriter was apparently in good health prior to his passing.

According to reports, Estrin died of a suspected heart attack after he died suddenly while out for a routine jog in Hermosa Beach, California. This is however speculative, as an autopsy will be performed to confirm the actual cause of death. The sad incident happened on Friday, September 23, and his bereaved family confirmed his death in a statement which reads:


“Zack Estrin was everything to us. The best husband, father, son and friend. He liked to make everyone happy. He liked to make everyone laugh. He loved being a writer/producer and helping to create these shows that people liked. But above all, he loved his family and friends. Thank you all for being a part of his life and ours.

His longtime talent agency WME also confirmed the writer-producer’s death. “Zack has been our client for nearly 25 years,” said WME President, Ari Greenbourg. “He had an extremely successful career and mentored so many writers. We are so proud of all his accomplishments and feel blessed to have called him a friend.

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Born in Woodland, California, but raised in Brooklyn, New York, Estrin will return to the Golden State to study at the University of Southern California. After graduating from college, Estrin dove straight into the entertainment industry as a producer. Beginning with films, Estrin’s first credits came in the form of a comedy-thriller stranger than fiction, and Oh, a modern remake of william shakespeareclassical tragedy, othello. Estrin would then move into producing for the small screen, starting as a screenwriter. His wit and genius have led him to contribute to the success of shows such as Charm, Dawson’s Creek and Tru Callmany of which have achieved cult status.

Next up was the Fox show Prison Break, which became one of the most popular primetime television shows of its time. He wrote and produced the show before being promoted to co-executive producer alongside Matt Olmstead and stop at dawn. Until his untimely death, Estrin was working alongside Olmstead to revive the series with plans to begin with a spin-off titled Prison Break: Cherry Hill. Estrin was a big part of Prison Breakrecalls his colleague Olmstead in his tribute, describing him as “an astonishing writer, equally gifted with dialogue and structure”.

“What made him a great showrunner was that he attracted the right people. The writers wanted to work with him and give him their best. The executives loved him as much as the assistant writers. He was a unifier,” Olmstead said.

More recently, Estrin was known for serving as Netflix’s showrunner and executive producer. lost in space, which ran for three seasons from 2018 to 2021. Estrin had an overall deal with Netflix and was developing more shows for the streamer until his sudden demise. “Zack was a beloved writer, producer and partner, whose work taught us to seek adventure and trust family. His vision and passion will be sorely missed,” said the VP of Series. from Netflix. Matt Thunel.

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